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European legislation requires companies that collect legal data with digital tachographs and driver smart cards to unload, archive and provide it to authorities on request. Truckonline offers to take this restricting task off your hands.

Focus on what matters: your business!

European legislation requires that legal data collected by your vehicle’s digital tachograph and drivers’ smart cards be downloaded, archived and transferred on request by authorities. From June 15, 2019, more stringent regulations require that files are managed in a new from “intelligent” 1C tachographs which are now mandatory in all new vehicles. Truckonline can take this task off your hands.

C1B cards

Download your legal data

The patented Truckonline solution includes the automatic or on-demand download of data stored on drivers’ cards (C1B) and in the tachograph memory (V1B) of your vehicles.

It is compatible with the new “intelligent” tachograph requested in Annex 1C of European Regulations and downloads C1C driver card files and V1C files from your new-generation tachograph.

We provide a secure service for uploading data to Truckonline servers in compliance with legislation.

Archive your legal data

The system automatically saves your C1B-C1C and V1B-V1C data. Validity and signature are checked in compliance with regulations.

The data is then archived on Truckonline’s secured servers for the entire legal term and for your subscription period, regardless of the quantity.

Truckonline takes this task off your hands and you save money on special IT equipment with no additional in-house software installations .

View and share your legal data

Access your data at any time with your Truckonline web interface.

Generate computer files and extract them in different formats for administrative management or checks. Export them to your business software or selected third parties.

Create personalized access and filter data sent to your employees.

You and your drivers can receive notifications about data-collection deadlines, driver card validity and tachograph checks to avoid unnecessary offenses and fines.

Focus on your business

Data transfer can take between 20 and 40 minutes per vehicle depending on the tachograph technology and regardless of the performance of the Truckonline reader. The download and archive process is automated, so you can focus on other details of your business while it’s in progress.

Our solution allows you to manage legal data automatically, efficiently and securely without complex handling or special training.

It is compatible with C1C and V1C formats in new tachographs.

The system for remotely downloading legal data was developed and is patented by Truckonline.

The Truckonline web mode guarantees 24/7 service for accessing, processing, and sharing data .

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