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The Truckonline solution features the latest innovations in on-board computing with a combination of two complementary communications products which supply information to your portal to simplify day-to-day management: TruckBox and Tim Collect.


TruckBox - the junction between Truckonline services

TruckBox is a communication device compatible with all brands of vehicle with or without a tachograph. It communicates data collected in real time to your Truckonline web space and enables you to access all our services: geolocation, eco-driving, HR management, road costs, etc.

Over 9,000 vehicles in Europe are already using the TruckBox real-time vehicle tracking solution.

Technical data

  • 12/24V power supply
  • GPS/GSM antenna
  • Dimensions: 85 x 120 x 32 mm
  • CAN bus and FMS connections
  • SIM card including Europe
  • All-or-nothing inputs
  • Serial links (RS232)


  • Quick mounting – just one hour – under the vehicle dashboard
  • Plug and play device: no configuration
  • Automatic and remote updates
  • Automatic creation of vehicle records in the web interface
  • Easy to dismount/mount depending on fleet needs and development, such as new vehicles

The Trailer Device

Using 100% French cutting-edge technology, this new device transfers trailer location and hook-and-drop information for access on Truckonline’s web portal.

Our service provides independent management and optimization of trailer activity on the same interface with no additional software installation.

Trailer device

Technical data

  • Standalone device with battery and/or cable power
  • GSM/GPS/EBS connection
  • Bluetooth/RFID connection
  • Dimensions: 150 x 65 mm
  • Europe SIM card included
  • All-or-nothing inputs
  • IP67 device


  • Standalone connected object
  • For all types of rolling stock
  • Accelerometer
  • Consultation on the same interface as the trailer
  • 100% French technology
  • 1 year guarantee

Tim Collect Scanner

Your legal-data scanner

The Tim Collect scanner is a standalone communications device that downloads your vehicle data from driver cards and tachographs automatically or on-demand. Data is securely transferred directly to your Truckonline online space for the duration of your subscription, regardless of the volume.


Vehicles fitted with a TruckBox

Your corporate card, locked mechanically, automatically and remotely collects legal data from tachographs and driver cards without any effort on your part (patented system).

Vehicles not fitted with a TruckBox

Scan drivers’ smart cards when they pass by the office to download their data in C1b and new C1c file format. Connected directly to the vehicle tachograph, the system downloads v1b files from the memory or the most recent C1c “smart” timer on the front.

Technical data

  • 12/24 V power supply (vehicle) or 220 V power supply (office)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 97 x 63 mm
  • Features 2 card scanners
  • SIM card Europe included


  • Multifunctional Device
  • Automatic Updates
  • Truckonline patented system
  • One device per company and/or branch


Driver Card

Connected to the TruckBox in the vehicle, the card scanner:

transfers driver ID:

  • scans driver cards provided by ChronoServices,
  • scans custom cards programmed by Truckonline,

transfers driver activity:

  • simulates adigital timer for analog tachographs,
  • simulates the activity of a timer for light-commercial vehicles or vehicles not fitted with a tachograph,
  • justifies stopping time for loading or delivery using action buttons (option).


Vehicles without an FMS socket can connect this device to the TruckBox for collecting FMS data to take full advantage of the advantages offered by the eco-driving module.

Truckonline Guarantees


Quality after-sales service

Our service subscription – with no minimum-term contract – is the best guarantee of quality service. To satisfy customers and win their loyalty, Truckonline provides excellence, with robust and proven products, and attentive service!

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Personalized follow-up

Every transport company is different so we provide personalized follow-up tailored to your business, your teams and your needs.


100% French

Only Truckonline’s name is English. Our offices are located in Voiron in the French Isère department and our products are manufactured locally.


Constantly innovating

Web mode means you benefit immediately from any improvements with regular updates. We are tenacious at Truckonline, but we know how to listen and learn!

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