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Centralised management
of your fleet and teams

Optimise and secure your transport, HGVs, coaches and company fleets. We facilitate fleet management and the day-to-day work of managers, operators, IT departments, admin teams and drivers :

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Over 15,000 vehicles equipped

Unlimited interoperability

no-obligation rates

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Unprecedented ease-of-use for operators and teams! Information is accessible to everyone: operators via the online portal and drivers via the user-friendly, intuitive app. Stay connected using any device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Truckonline: the centralised management of your fleet: transport, HGVs and businesses.

Our solutions

E.P network

One for all, all for one!

Thanks to the thousands of TruckBoxes in circulation throughout Europe, Truckonline can offer its customers a unique and unprecedented geolocation network to provide even more services at minimal cost.

Simplify your management and reduce costs: