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Specially designed for IT managers and developers, our API is coupled with comprehensive documentation. Modulate and adapt your tool to your needs. The Happy API!

API Kivio by Truckonline : pour les DSI et les développeurs.
Kivio by Truckonline propose de nombreux modules et briques fonctionnelles pour répondre à vos besoins.


Including mapping, working hours, route calculation and messaging, the many modules enable you to enhance your tools with functional building blocks, to meet your exact requirements or model new services.


For an existing TMS or IS, a webservice or widget integration mode is available via our portal. Everything is simple and documented. Integrate powerful features in your chosen language or in no-code.

Intégrations via des webservices ou des widgets !
Une API alimentée, maintenue et monitorée en permanence.

Integrated data

We guarantee the integrity of the data you entrust to us, as well as compliance with EU legislation. Kivio is powered, maintained, monitored and backed up at all times.

In brief

We’ve designed Kivio by Truckonline, a comprehensive and documented API for IT managers and developers. It is modular and easy to integrate, allowing you to enhance your tools with features such as mapping, route calculation and messaging: all the building blocks of the services offered by Truckonline. Your data is secure, in compliance with EU legislation, and backed up at times.

Simplify your management and reduce costs: