Tim Collect

Comprehensive legal data collection

Tim Collect automatically and remotely collects legal data files from vehicles and driver cards. It is also a time clock and a card reader , collecting the working hours of office – based staff and off – vehicle drivers … Worksite, warehouse or technical teams… presence is declared by a simple click!

Tim Collect: comprehensive legal data collection.

Tim Collect: multifunctional and secure

This reader is a stand-alone, communications device that transfers and secures legal data (V1b and V1c and C1b and C1c) on your personal Truckonline space, with no limit on volume.

Tim Collect: a stand-alone device for transferring legal data.


Tim Collect is a timeclock and a collector of legal data, capable of reading and downl oading ChronoServices cards, driver qualification c ards (CQC) and staff badges .



It transfers and secures all the data on your Truckonline personal space throughout the duration of your subscription.



It reads the company card to enable automatic remote downloading of legal data (patented system).

Simplify your management and reduce costs:



Linked to a TruckBox, Tim Collect hosts your company card and enables all your legal data to be retrieved automatically and remotely.


Legal data

A wide range of solutions exists to facilitate the collection and management of legal data.

In brief: the collection of legal data from drivers and office-based staff

Tim Collect enables you to easily and securely legal data from your vehicles, drivers and office – based staff. This multifunction, secure reader can read ChronoServices cards, driver qualification cards (CQC) and badges, download legal data files and display duty times. .

Simplify your management and reduce costs: