Driver app

So easy and so practical!

Communicate with drivers, even when not in their vehicles, via our driver app. Messaging, transport orders, time management, alerts… everything is instantaneous!

Driver app: communication even when drivers are not in their vehicles!
Simplified real-time monitoring.

Simplified tracking

This mobile app allows drivers to view their duty times in real time. Alerts help them comply with legislation (continuous driving time, continuous duty time, etc.)

Simple transmission

The app can be used to declare duty times and complete the payroll (timeclock outside of vehicles). Operational alerts (excesses, infringements, etc.) make it easy to keep track.

Declaring duty time.
Tracking changes in eco-driving scores.

Boost your score!

The eco-driving tab tracks changes in overall scores, taking all criteria into account (fuel consumption, acceleration, etc.), whatever the vehicles driven during the week.

Got it, thanks!

Messages and documents (files, scans and photos) are easily exchanged using the messaging system. Assignments and transport orders, delivery notes, trailer coupling/uncoupling declarations: everything is passed on!

Simplified messaging for messages and documents.

In brief

Our mobile app makes communicating with drivers simple and practical! It enables messages and transport orders to be exchanged, duty times to be managed and alerts to be received in real time. What’s more, it simplifies the sending of duty time declarations and encourages improved eco-driving. Last but not least, messaging facilitates exchange of messages, documents and data essential to transport assignments.

Simplify your management and reduce costs: