AI improving safety

A smart road-facing camera that automatically anticipates potentially dangerous situations. Recordings, alerts and archiving are all under the eagle eye of the Dashcam.

Dashcam: a smart road-facing camera.

Dashcam: training and safety

Compatible with all types of vehicle, the Dashcam anticipates, warns the driver and transmits potentially dangerous situations for hazardous transport, buses, coaches, etc.

Dashcam: compatible with all types of vehicle.

Improving safety

Improve the safety of your drivers by helping them to evolve through image-based control.



Dashcam can provide drivers with proof of innocence in the event of a dispute.



Dashcam provides clear images, even at night and in the rain, and operates continuously in compliance with GDPR.

Simplify your management and reduce costs:

In brief: the smart camera
that anticipates risks

Fitted with an AI chip, it improves road safety by anticipating potentially dangerous situations. Compatible with all vehicles, it warns drivers and sends alerts for hazardous transport. It records continuously, captures video clips, transmits critical sequences and has scalable functions. The camera is GDPR-compliant and guarantees data security.

Simplify your management and reduce costs: