E.P Tag

The simplest geolocation tool!

An essential link in the E.P network! This small transmitting device is detected by thousands of receivers (E.P link) connected to TruckBoxes. It thus locates all mobile equipment at a very affordable monthly cost.

E.P Tag: a transmitter that simplifies geolocation!

The essential E.P Tag

Adaptable to all mobile equipment (trailers, mobile crates, pallet trucks, etc.) and very affordable, this simple, reliable tracking solution is crucial to the E.P network.

E.P Tag: a simple and reliable geolocation solution that can be adapted to any equipment.


For a very affordable monthly fee, you can easily locate all types of mobile equipment (trailers, mobile crates, pallet trucks, etc.) on the same screen



When added to the thousands of Bluetooth receivers (E.P link) connected to TruckBoxes, this transmitting device will enable the entire E.P network to be rolled out.



E.P Tags are very easy to install. They require no special connectors and are simply screwed onto the support to be located.

Simplify your management and reduce costs:



The E.P network will be rolled out thanks to the compatibility between E.P Tags and TruckBoxes.



In addition to the E.P Tags, the Truck online geolocation service offers a host of other possibilities.


The E.P network

The network that will give access to the geolocation data provided by its members throughout Europe!

In brief:

A simple and affordable solution for locating any mobile equipment, especially trailers. When an E.P Tag enters the perimeter covered by a Bluetooth receiver linked to a TruckBox (E.P Link), it is detected by the receiver. The E.P Tag then transmits its identifier, which is interpreted by the E.P network (private) and used to transcribe the information in Truckonline services.

Simplify your management and reduce costs: