About Truckonline

Created in 2011, Truckonline develops and distributes on-board computer solutions for professional vehicles with or without a tachograph.

From start-up to on-board computing heavyweight!

Truckonline S.A.S., with capital of €423K, was created in 2011. The objective was to update technology for telematic devices for goods and passenger vehicles. Today, Truckonline is a key player in the market.

The Truckonline solution, inspired in 2008 by a patent for a new digital timer, quickly grew under the impetus of its talented team led by company founder Julien Michelon, backed by 30 years of solid family experience in on-board computing and tens of thousands of fitted vehicles across Europe.

By assembling the necessary skills and maintaining close customer relations, Truckonline has fitted over 9,000 vehicles in 10 years, satisfying several hundred carriers.

With years of experience and unlimited curiosity, Truckonline meets new challenges to guide you through future technological, energy and social transitions.

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Why Truckonline?

100% French family business

Behind the English-sounding name is a small company based in Isère in France. Our products are developed and manufactured locally, and strong business and and human relations with our customers and employees are a priority.

Common needs for diverse activities

Every player in the transport, logistics, construction and industry sectors is unique with different profiles and needs. We provide personalized service tailored to their business, teams and tools at every stage of their development.

A team of transport experts

Truckonline is the result of many years of experience with carriers and fleet managers in all sectors.

Using our experience, we provide our customers with personalized support for all types of projects: a first vehicle, part of or a whole fleet, or a whole new fleet.

We track and trace developments in your professions and transport regulations to develop our solution in line with current needs.

We support our customers at all stages of their project development from first contact, auditing requirements, hardware deployment, software implementation and staff training.

Constantly innovating

Truckonline is a curious and tech-savvy team, using cutting-edge solutions to improve our products.

Our no-contract solutions don’t lock you in to a minimum term. This is our guarantee for innovation and continuous improvement to ensure your satisfaction and loyalty!

We strive constantly for perfection, providing regular updates with ergonomic developments and new services!

Our team is ready to help

Only Truckonline’s name is English. Our teams are all based in Voiron, in the French department of Isère or we can come to your site!

At every stage of your project, we answer your requests by telephone or email during our opening hours, or by appointment on your site with our project managers for any questions about the audit, the solution deployment or training.

Our technicians are also available on weekends to fit equipment in your fleet vehicles.

Financial Stability

Truckonline SAS is financially stable, with capital of €423K. By targeting all companies with a professional fleet, we have developed a diverse range of customers of all sizes and from all trades including road transport for goods and passengers, construction and industry. This provides us with a diverse range of revenue sources and market share, ensuring long-term financial stability.

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