Managing Communication Flow

The Truckonline web solution offers efficient messaging and task orders for communication with your mobile workforce, and for sharing information with your customers, employees and partners.

Centralize and streamline your communication

Communicate with your drivers and operators

Use Truckonline to manage your communication and send all types of messages to your staff, entered from our application or from your TMS.

The special mobile app for drivers

No additional screens in the vehicle. Drivers can now consult their messages on the Truckonline mobile app. Even when outside the vehicle or without a mobile connection.

The latest version of the app allows all registered Truckonline drivers to:

  • consult their daily and weekly hours of service in real time
  • exchange with their company with instant messaging (file exchange/scans/photos)
  • receive and send jobs/transport orders (connected with business software), scan delivery notes
  • receive warnings and notifications about traffic offenses (CSR and French legislation)
  • track their eco-driving performance
  • indicate fuel input/AdBlue entries
  • declare trailer hook/drop

Share your information with your partners

The Truckonline web services allow you to exchange your HR, technical, geolocation, transport orders, etc., with your payroll software (Sage, Silaé, etc.) or your business software (Cofisoft, Akaana, Andsoft, GPI, ViewTrans, ABC Informatique, etc.). You can also share your geolocation data with contractors (GedMov, Shippeo, Ophone, Zenbus, etc.).

Information sharing is fully secured and links all parties involved in your transport operations, both drivers and office staff: management, accounting, HR, trainers, suppliers, etc.).

A simple, mobile interface for your drivers

Truckonline mobile interface

The web services developed are open and comply with web standards (REST programming mode, http transport protocol, JSON data format, etc.) to offer maximum interoperability with your software.

Simple, ergonomic and user-friendly.

The graphical user interface, both on the web and mobile application used for viewing and processing data is attractive and intuitive to users from their first login.

The driver mobile app is included in the subscription and updated via the online Android/Apple stores.

The web app is compatible with all operating systems and media: PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Customer satisfaction

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