Find out how to motivate and keep your drivers: La Bonne Conduite.


Opt for La Bonne Conduite driver conduct module and optimize your cashflow and make more “sustainable” recruitments when energy transition is an issue and mobile staff are rare!

Eco-driving: involve your drivers!

Encourage eco-driving with TruckBox: reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs whilst significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

truckonline interface

Optimize fuel consumption

Connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus network, TruckBox records technical data live, including engine power, speed, acceleration and consumption.>

Truckonline also proposes drivers enter fuel input and AdBlue details in their mobile (date, quantity, etc.).

The system tracks the gauge and automatically detects fuel input and suspicious changes in levels.

As a result, you can track fuel input and output in real time and reduce your overall fuel consumption by up to 5 or 10%.

Assess your drivers’ conduct

Using the information collected by the TruckBox (mileage, break times, CAN bus, etc.), edit reports by driver, by vehicle, by vehicle group, by activity,
by operation, etc.

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