Fleet Geolocation

Geolocation is a powerful fleet-management tool for streamlining work time and itineraries and optimizing cost control.

Identify stray miles and save money by tracking your fleet.

Optimize itinerary time

Access the fleet geolocation feature in TruckBox via internet with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone to track your fleet in real time and improve productivity.

Track the exact position of each vehicle or trailer, check driver activity of (driving, work, rest, availability, etc.) or job progress.

Create activity groups and create filters (geographical area, loaded/unloaded trucks, etc.) when viewing your fleet.

You can also visualize your phone directory and other points of interest (POIs) for your fleet with interactive mapping.

Track itineraries used, edit and analyze journey history to identify anomalies and streamline rounds.

Rationalize operating costs

With Truckonline’s solution, you can calculate itineraries and accurately estimate cost based on mileage, driver activity and journey map (altitudes, etc.).

You can also detect vehicles closest to a new job and review job assignment. Thanks to the quick and intuitive search by date/time and place, identify offenses, equipment damage, etc.

Finally, geofencing – configure notifications for entry or exit into authorized zones or routes.

Customer satisfaction

With Truckonline geolocation service, optimize delivery times and jobs execution.

Keep customers informed of delivery progress, estimate delivery times or justify loading and unloading times. Provide real-time goods tracking and optimize business relations.

Receive notifications about tacographs in ITS GDPR private mode

In compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your driver can select private mode in their tachograph.

Truckonline anticipated this function. The solution detects and informs you when drivers choose not to share data in real time. Geolocation data from the TruckBox is still available on the interface, but for the vehicle only. Your fleet continues to be supervised until the next download.

Reduce emissions

For Truckonline, geolocation is not just about tracking your vehicles on an interactive map. It is a value-added service designed to improve your productivity and comfort. It also contributes to the safety of staff during transport and the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption.

Keep an eye on your fleet!

truckonline interface

Truckonline has an ergonomic, stylish and tactile interface (for tablets) that’s easy to use.

Web software: no installation on your computers required

Updates for the web application are included in the subscription.

Customer satisfaction

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