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Access real-time information about your mobile workforce’s activity with the Truckonline solution in web mode. This simple and efficient solution provides a complete human resources service including payroll preparation which is compatible with all your payroll software.

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Use Truckonline’s La Bonne Prépaie payroll solution for efficient HR management and payroll. It will make your life easier and increase your business performance.



Save time - for your and your drivers!

With the Truckonline web solution, access hours of service in real time for your driving staff. Manage human resources and payroll with this simple and efficient tool that is compatible with all your payroll software.

Saves time in HR management

Using the TruckBox, the Tim Collect scanner and the drivers’ mobile application, Truckonline collects real-time data that is uploaded to your HR/payroll management software (Sage, Cegid, Silaé, etc.) providing information about the driver’s activity: identity, details about hours of service (driving, rest, work, available), road costs, etc.

You can access all this information in a legible form in Truckonline web space from any PC, Mac or tablet. The information can also be imported into your accounting software without installing any new software, avoiding re-entering data.

Track your drivers’ hours of service

View information about daily or monthly hours of service, both predicted and real, for each driver to improve how you plan regulatory break times and optimize workload distribution.

React to problems quickly thanks to notifications alerting to issues such as excessive driving windows or waiting time, overtime etc.

Print all the detailed reports you need about hours of services or offenses.

Easy paycheck preparation

No more re-entering data. Data collected by the TruckBox is remotely uploaded to your accounting tool and checked against all your staff’s personal information: employment contract, hours of service, rest days, sick leave, training, etc.

The system automatically calculates total paid hours of service and shift times, road costs, bonuses, overtime, compensatory rest days. You can prepare your payroll in advance, without waiting for the vehicle and driver to return.

Increase compliance with regulations

Receive information in real time about hours of service and increase compliance with regulations for more safety and less offenses. The system tracks alerts and you can print offense letters.

What’s more, the hosted mode of Truckonline automatically archives your HR data securely for five years, as required by law.

More information means better control!

Use all the data collected by Truckonline to track your performance and make forecasts. Anticipate and make decisions that will lower operating costs and payroll costs.

Truckonline is compatible with most existing payroll software.

It’s easy for your HR software to retrieve and process data collected with Truckonline webservices.

Access to the Truckonline solution is unlimited. Create as many users as you need: operators, HR, assistants, contractors, etc. Set appropriate access rights to different data in the application, even the most sensitive.

Check out our expert transport payroll solution: La Bonne Prépaie.

Truckonline payroll preparation makes your life easier and increases business performance with a just and efficient HR management and payroll service.



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