What is La Bonne Prépaie payroll service?

A timesaver!

La Bonne Prépaie payroll service is the ideal solution for all transport companies. It accurately prepares the payroll for all your employees, both drivers and office staff, with no re-entering of data.


Full data collection from all systems on the market: on-board vehicle computer, tachographs (old and new), badge scanners, etc.


A single tool collects and protects data for payroll preparation. Export is secure and compatible with all payroll software.


No training is required for this intuitive tool. An unlimited number of users – managers, operators, HR, accountants – have access to information depending on their roles.

“The solution offers a more precise analysis of drivers' hours of service and expenses. It helps to track hours worked and overtime and makes payroll preparation easy.”

Virginie Trémion, General Manager, TER Transport

The criteria
of La Bonne Prépaie payroll system

Automatic time calculation

• Anticipation: end-of-month forecasts
• Accumulated hours of service
• Accumulated shifts
• Overtime
• Social security calculations
• Additional monthly shifts
• Compensatory rest (acquired, taken, balance/remaining)
• Compensation for night driving
• Public holidays

Automatic calculation of travel expenses

• according to collective agreement/company agreements
• away from home
• surcharge (outside France)
• customizable (departure on Sunday)
• exceptional (parking, cleaning, etc.)

Managing absences and other occupations

• training
• illness
• leave with pay, no pay
• compensatory rest (quarter, 4-month periods, night)


• Configurable
• Convention
• Contractual

Activity report

• Change slips
• Activity certificates
• Pay preparation summaries


• Tracked modifications

The benefits
of La Bonne Prépaie payroll system

A simple, intuitive, ergonomic, full web, for unlimited users with secured access, with or without built-in hardware.


The solution is designed, developed and updated by a team in France to ensure you are in accordance with French and European legislation.


Payroll software developed by an expert team, part of a recognized provider of transport payroll support with over 6,000 payroll preparations every month.


A cost-effective solution adapted to your needs. From only €1/month/driver, with no commitment for duration or volume.


Multiple editions: detailed, syntheses, formats, on-demand or planned.


Compatible: export to payroll software (CSV and/or API interfaces, webservices)

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