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In our quest to integrate sophisticated tools and centralize information since the outset, Truckonline has crossed paths with a wide range of software applications for transport and logistics.

Business software compatibility:

ACS by CofiSoft

Since 1990, CofiSoft has been providing management solutions to truck carriers with its ACS range to improve productivity, simplify operations, control margins, and provide pertinent, real-time metrics for a specific set of data.

ACS is more than a dedicated software package. ACS is a bona fide transport management solution.

Fleet management, scheduling, mapping, billing, HR data, warehouses, built-in IT, accounting, fuel, and more. Carriers have comprehensive diverse and heterogeneous data. Method and tools are required to exploit such an asset for management.


VIALTIC, The industry’s first full-web TMS. The management solution for your transport business, accessible anywhere and anytime.

Akanea TMS

Business software editor for over 25 years, AKANEA Development offers management solutions for supply-chain and food industry companies of all sizes in professional markets, including domestic and international freight transportation, carriers and shippers (transport organizers, commissaries, freight forwarders, couriers, groupers, express carriers, industrial goods, etc.)


Since 1985, GPI has designed, developed and delivered multi-function transport software for domestic and international transport companies.

abc Informatique

As a software publisher for the passenger transport business, ABC Informatique is now the leader in France for the sector.


Since 1998, AndSoft has been designing, editing and marketing management software for transport and logistics.

ViewTrans - SMS LABRUYERE group

The company SMS, subsidiary of the LABRUYERE group, publishes software solutions for its core activities in retail, logistics and transport.

Fret Solutions

Fret Solutions offers a SAAS solution for managing transport operations: Cargo-TMS.

Connection to payroll software:




Connections with contracting companies:

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