Frequently Asked Questions

How does TruckBox work?

Discreet and easy to install under the dashboard of the vehicle in less than an hour, the TruckBox, connected to the CAN bus, FMS and tachograph, collects and transfers vehicle data (fuel input, eco-driving etc.) and driver data (identity, real-time activity). Truckbox also transfers all geolocation data and allows automatic and remote download of legal data and C1b/v1b files.

The TruckBox is a true plug-and-play device. No configuration is required: it is easy to mount and dismount according to your needs and changes in your fleet (new vehicles, etc.) by our technicians or in your own workshops.

TruckBox is sold as a subscription including the hardware and unlimited access to the Truckonline web portal.

You want to interface your TMS with our solution?

With Truckonline web services, you can exchange all types of data with your software (business, payroll, planning) or third-party applications from your partners, customers, suppliers or buyers.

The solution is compatible with many industry software interfaces.

The API developed by Truckonline API is open and complies with web standards (REST programming mode, http transport protocol, JSON data format, etc.), offering great interoperability with your software.

How long is the archive period for legal data +3.5 t vehicles on C1b and v1b files?

Data downloaded and archived at Truckonline is kept for the duration of the subscription and up to 5 years in compliance with European regulations for C1b (driver’s maps) and V1b (tachograph mass memory) files.

I have light commercial vehicles and +3.5-ton vehicles. Can the solution geolocalize mixed fleets with tachograph and light vehicles?

Absolutely. TruckBox adapts to all brands of +3.5 ton vehicles with a tachograph, as well as light commercial vehicles. You receive information in real time about geolocation and driver’s hours of service, with a Driver Card accessory.

Can I send job orders to my drivers?

Send instructions to drivers with our web application or from your TMS interfaced with our solution. The driver receives your instructions on the dedicated mobile application, informs and acknowledges the progress of transport orders. They can also send you any type of comment or document such as photos and scanned documents. The answers are sent live to your Truckonline portal or to your scheduling software.

Does the driver mobile app update automatically?

The drivers’ mobile app is automatically updated via the online Android/Apple stores.

You also want to track the geolocation of your trailers?

Truckonline now offers trailer tracking to centralize the management of all your mobile resources on a single platform.

Tractors and trailers are mounted with a device that automatically collects data such as geolocation, the type or the chassis.

No software installation is required. Just like the TruckBox solution, the trailer device is a monthly, no-obligation subscription including a one-year self-contained battery-powered unit that runs on all types of towed equipment.

Are road costs calculated automatically?

Driver road costs are calculated automatically in vehicles with TruckBox. The device constantly sends information with hours of service, shift details and GPS positions.

Data collected, crossed with the employee’s personal information (contract, holidays, compensatory rest, etc.) is sent to your accounting tool for road costs. No re-entering of data is required.

Can I access my data anytime and anywhere?

Our solution was originally developed in Saas mode (Software as a Service). As a result, you no longer need to install applications on your own servers. Simply subscribe to online software, accessible anytime and anywhere with a simple Internet connection.

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