Innovation by Truckonline

To get the most out of your fleet, trailer tracking is essential: hooks and drops, identification and geolocation of trailers.

Truckonline has developed a new product that centralizes the management of all your rolling stock on a single platform.

An easy way to track hooks and drops

Designed to improve the productivity of your fleet, the Truckonline solution now offers autonomous and easy trailer management.

The driver declares the hooks and drops on their mobile application. Your operators see the same interface on their screens. The driver-tractor-trailer trio shown with identifiable pictograms on the map.

Automatic identification and geolocation of your trailers

Like tractors, trailers have a device that automatically collects data such as geolocation, type and chassis.

The device informs how many miles have been traveled. You can consult past records and edit the collected data in the form of reports optimize the use of your equipment.

Innovation by Truckonline

This new trailer tracking service requires no additional software installation.

Like TruckBox, it is a monthly, no-obligation subscription, including a one-year self-contained box (battery or wired).

It operates on all types of towed equipment.

A service using 100% French technology!

Our device case is self-contained (battery or wired) with a one-year guarantee, including communication.

Our device operates on all towed equipment.

Like the TruckBox solution, trailer tracking is as a monthly, no-obligation subscription.

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